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California Is A Place

[ BLOG POST / NOT MY WORK ] is a collection of stories about real people in California. Each one is a slice of life, a video portrait of a reality that, for the most part, relates in no way to my own and is consequently quite intriguing.

Despite the sombre undertone apparent in the handful that i’ve watched, what shines through are truthful, raw, heartfelt stories told with a strong cinematic style.

Cannonball Excerpt:
“If we’re going to be doing this kind of stuff, we’re trespassing in peoples yards and skating in peoples pools we’ve gotta have respect; clean the pools out. Any trash we bring, take it with us when we leave. People already look down at us as it is so there’s no reason to fucking confirm what they already think is already true. It’d be better to prove them wrong. (2m05s)

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