Josh Ingleby

editor + motion design

Future Self

ROLE: 3D Modelling, Texturing, Kinect Integration, Facial Poses
DESC.: Digital Experience

CLIENT: Orange / Publicis Conseil
PRODUCER: Sumit Ajwani
WEBGL ENGINE: Tom Dysinski / Matt DesLauriers

Working closely with Jam3′s team to create a site allowing users to meet a future version of their self. Orange’s Future Self site celebrated the company’s 20 year anniversary by having users ask their future self about, well, the future.

The goal was ambitious to say the least — detailed 3D models rendered in the browser (!), face shapes adjusted to match a webcam photo, PLUS artificial intelligence.

Orange Future Self Example

Jam3′s process involved capturing actors’ facial movements with Kinect, applying to a 3D model, and then morphing and texturing the model to resemble the user’s own face. Likely a first time technical accomplishment for web — all rendered in the browser on the fly.

On my end, base characters, textures (clothing, hair, etc) and facial poses were created in Cinema 4D and tested with the actor’s “recorded” responses from their Kinect motion-capture data. Jam3 created an engine to dynamically reshape the 3D model based on the user’s webcam image. Working together the final renderings are a combination of revising textures on my end to accommodate the webGL environment, and textures modified by Jam3′s dev team in the experience.

Lastly, I also created the introductory video in the site loader — based off a still image but created 3D clouds, balloons, and Monorail in Cinema4D .


SCULPTING: Outlines WIP sculpting of face from base low-poly mesh to create maps to appear higher quality.

POSE MODELLING: Various poses (“Blendshapes”) are linked to kinect motion capture data. Facial expressions are created by using a small % of many poses calculated.

FAUX 3D COMPOSITE: Intro scene’s source was a futuristic image cut out and projected to be able to add camera movement. 3D clouds and monorail (not pictured) were created to add realism.


To see the site in action check out Jam3′s Case Study.

Google / YouTube: NFL Adblitz

ROLE: Animation / 3D Modelling + Textures
DESC.: Digital Experience

CLIENT: Google / YouTube
PRODUCER: Sumit Ajwani
DESIGNER: Roger Dario

YouTube NFL Adbliz

To view & rate the top Superbowl commercial’s, Jam 3 and Google (The Zoo) created an experience for users to actively vote for their favourite spots. This included a Toss & Catch game where users could play against friends on multiple devices and platforms.

Alongside Jam 3′s design team, I was contracted to help determine the technical workflow for the game play and create required 3D assets (field, lights, stadium, ball, etc).

[Case Study video below courtesy of Jam 3]


Adblitz 3D Model

Stadium Model

Adblitz - Stadium insert

Adblitz Full Composite


fwa  adobeCuttingEdge

FWA Site of the Day

FWA Mobile Site of the Day

Adobe Site of the Week


Why 3D Printing will make a mark

Part 1: A case for mass adoption

Part 2: Links for further resources / getting started (at the bottom)

Makerbot Replicator

Having recently acquired a 3D printer, I’ve noticed there’s lots of hype about the technology, but most of what’s out there poorly expresses the real potential.

Business has had 3D printing for years. What’s revolutionary is that the hardware has become affordable for small companies like Makerbot to sell to individuals at a (mildly) reasonable price (…at the moment $600-3k CDN).

As with all emerging technologies, they come with their shortfalls. Although the shortfalls are worth noting, they’re not worth focusing on too heavily as improvements are coming out monthly. At the moment, printers are slow (5 mins to 12+ hours a print), materials are limited, and the technology isn’t entirely user friendly. All of this will be resolved as companies understand how to incorporate this into their business plans.

A fair comparison would be to say that 3D printing is in the dot-matrix era of 2D printers. Although paper printers have yet to replace the quality experienced in a magazine, they still revolutionized how a home computer is used and in most households.

Tech companies which sell and support the maker industry are popping up monthly. Online communities are figuring out solutions that inform the companies that make the devices. And advertisers are eager to promote products with new technology…as long as there is purpose behind the experience.

As companies + advertisers get on board, prices for printers will drop and practical uses for average people will increase.

In the early 2000′s Napster entirely disrupted a 50+ year old industry and experts didn’t know what to do. 15 years later business caught up with services like Rdio, Spotify, iTunes Store and Ad supported free content.

I foresee business adopting Printing in similar ways:

  • Giving away free models could be equivalent to creating engagement on Facebook
  • Companies could design high quality models that accessorize their product and put it above others in the market.  (Free or at a reduced cost)
  • Brands can create a community where they promote their best “creators” that have adapted their accessory/product
  • Company support may be able to save money on phone calls / replacement parts if a user is able to print a broken replacement piece
  • Digital Download coupon codes could be given away at live events for exclusive content

Brands spend tonnes of money each year in an attempt to make an emotional connection with their customers. It only seems obvious that providing customers with the tools to customize a product and print it on their own will create a personalized dialog between companies and consumers.

Hobbyists may be carving the way, but main stream adoption is only a matter of time.

Getting started

Hardware: - Consumer / Prosumer printers starting at $1375

Toronto Reference Library - ($0.05 per minute for printing)

Download Models: - Community driven free models – Purchase quality models and have them printed / shipped

Free tools to Create:

123D Design - Easily build your own basic shapes / models

123D Catch - Use your iOS device to take pictures that automatically convert to a model


ROLE: Title Design & FX
DESC.: Digital Content

AGENCY: The Hive
CLIENT: Jack Daniels
CD: Simon Creet
EXEC. PROD.: Michelle Rich [PosterBoy]
COPY: Meghan Kraemer
EDIT: Redrick Barbaza @ PosterBoy Edit

I was contacted by PosterBoy to help devise the gritty rock ‘n roll look associated with the JD brand and create titles. Since the brand’s existing look is strongly defined, the objectives were clear: artistically interpret the end goal and have it created, revised and approved by agency + client in 3 days.

Below is a comparison of the offline edit and the final output:

Note that the end frame layout was provided by the agency.



ROLE: 3D Motion Design + Animation Direction
DESC.: Broadcast TV

AGENCY: The Hive
PRODUCER: Sumit Ajwani
ART DIRECTOR: Brad Van Schaik
COPY: Klint Davies
EDITOR: Aaron Dark @ School Editing
ONLINE: Paul Binney @ School Editing

OLG needed an animation for an upcoming TV spot that made their Pools game clear and familiar. A minimalistic environment helped familiarize the audience with the look of the game, while a subtle animation on the sports logo grabbed the audiences attention to see it in a new way.

I was fortunate to have been awarded the project despite pitching alongside other great Toronto studios. As always, it was a pleasure to work with School Editing and The Hive.

[15s cut-down from original 30s spot] (more…)

Finance It

ROLE: Director + Motion-Design
DESC.: Brand Video

CLIENT: FinanceIt
COO: Casper Wong
ART DIRECTOR: Anthony Watts
PRODUCER: Alex Commons
AUDIO MIX: Cylinder Sound

FinanceIt needed a video to express the simplicity of their services and engage business owners to sign up. I worked closely with their team to develop a story that would do just that.

The result is something I am quite happy with. It was a pleasure working with the team and a welcomed change of pace working direct-to-client. Here is the final outcome:

Thanks to Brad Nelson @ Cylinder Sound, and the team at CommunityLend.

Experimental Ambient Renders

Phone +Tablet:

Look #1: v1, v2, v3
Look #2: v1, v2, v3

Download All (zip)

The animation below is the byproduct of a couple random tests. Since polygonal visuals are a little hipster I was a bit hesitant to post this but think the ambient aesthetic was interesting enough to share. As stills, they also work well for phone/desktop wallpapers.

Technical: I’m not usually this ‘mathy’ (as my programming abilities only consist of erasing code) but the visuals are composed of a SINE wave rippling through a triangulated layer. Colours are a mixture of fresnel shading and transparencies.

Possible use for this could be a background texture for a text knockout:

A couple more motion renders can be found on my vimeo page.

Music Series: Transit Tapes

The Transit Tapes (now defunct) was a live music series that supported emerging Canadian talent. 16 Episodes were filmed in a “one take” approach capturing a genuine and intimate performance of the artists as they traveled through iconic Toronto neighbourhoods.

Director/Editor/Title Animation: Josh Ingleby
Title Asset Design: Pod 10
Audio: Company X + Jason Hopfner
Prod.: Astral Media / Temba Ent.

Dead Astronauts: Music Video Teaser

ROLE: Motion + 3D Artist
CONCEPT / CREATIVE: Jared Nickerson + Josh Ingleby
MUSIC: Dead Astronauts  -  “Favorite Lover”
TYPOGRAPHY: Filip Komorowski + Jthree Concepts



ROLE: Motion Designer + 3D Artist
DESC.: 3 x 15s Spots (E+F)
AGENCY: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CLIENT: VitaminWater


Despite being created over a 2.5 week timeline, the major challenge beyond scheduling was ensuring the colours of the VitaminWater liquid and labels were on par with brand standards while keeping render times down to less than 1 minute per frame.  It’s easy to promise the world with a stunning still frame, but ensuring you can deliver the HD version (450 frames  = 450 mins) without the support of an animation studio’s render farm can be challenging. Cloud Computing Rendering made this spot possible. (more…)


ROLE: Motion Designer
DESC.: Store-front Window Projections
ACD: Leo Tsalkos + Ashley Leonard

I was contacted by TAXI to collaborate on a variety of visuals for the launch of Telus’ latest pilot store design. Most of the displays were visuals which spanned multiple HD monitors. The videos below are from the most technically demanding display which sprawled 70 feet across 11 projectors and encompassed the main 2 walls of the store.

The projection was technically challenging as the hardware company required assets to be delivered as one large file at a resolution of 7000 x 600 pixels.

TELUS Projection

NOTE: Shadows are heavier than desired to correct contrast lost through projection.

3 x Transitions:

1 x Full Story:

1 x Owl Element:

Business Card: Making Of

With only one week away from SXSW I suddenly felt obliged to create a business card for myself.  After what has been 2 years without a card (as of this summer), it’s not surprising that setting a short turn-around deadline was the only thing that would get the ball rolling.

I’ve have been walking through a lot of alleys lately looking for a way to base a small project around them.   I’m captivated by these spaces in the same way that walking onto a movie lot full of fake house fronts is fascinating.  Their significance grew as I realized that Manhattan barely had any alleys, creating even more appeal for Toronto’s unique urban landscape.

Thanks to Craig Small at The Juggernaut for eagerly dusting off the laser cutter and experimenting with a variety of materials to cut out the letters for the titles.  As well, Michael Sheedy for his real-life kearning skills, and of course my amazing girlfriend for putting up with the 2 cans of spray paint released into our apartment.

The video below outlines a breakdown of the process:

A series of textures shot in the alley behind my place for the titles:

Creative Commons License
Graffiti Texture by Josh Ingleby is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.
Based on a work at

Bell PreRoll Spots

ROLE: Director + Editor
AGENCY: Zulu Alpha Kilo
DESC.: Online Commercial

A series of 15 second spots to promote iPhone alternatives offered by Bell Mobility.  As there are only so many ways to showcase a touch-screen device, the challenge was to find a slightly different approach than the predefined iPhone commercial visuals.   To accomplish this we broke the locked-off Apple style and placed the phone in a actor’s hand for a more human and tangible result.


Technical Roles:

  • Key / Composite Screens
  • Track Footage
  • Colour Correct

Screen Replacement

Foursquare Fourcam

ROLE: Concept + Director + Editor
DESC.: Event Video

April 16th is the official anniversary for the mobile app Foursquare. More than 15 cities celebrated the mobile location based “check-in” app by throwing their own “Foursquare Day” events to celebrate local business.

This year’s 2nd annual Foursquare Day in Toronto was a great success with sponsors donating everything from autographed Tim Burton books (TIFF) to phone cases for every patron (iSkin). Even our (usually) pathetic mayor (Rob Ford) acknowledged the date with a signed letter from his office.

I documented this event with a home-made camera system that appropriately reflected the client and medium that Foursquare users embrace: the smartphone.

Rationale: 4 Squares, Mobile technology, 4 Camera phones. (enough said, no?)

Making Of:

Final Edit:

Thanks to:
Rob Scarborough, Jon-Erik Lappano, Karly Gaffney, and all the organizers & sponsors for the event.

Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think (instrumental)
Ratatat - Drugs

3D Line Test

In preparation for an upcoming project I created this rough swooping line test to visualize Cinema 4D’s Sweep Nurb and Sketch & Toon features.

Cinema 4D “EleCity”

A quick animation test for a project using Cinema 4D’s “Global Illumination” settings.

Exploration: Hair Test

A quick exploration of the hair effect in Cinema 4D.

Music: Phantogram

Typography: Extrude Exploration

Messing around with extruded type in Cinema 4D after seeing a post from GSG.

Wolf Reserve

It always feels good getting out of the city and into the woods. This past weekend i got the opportunity to see a pack of wolves that live on a reserve in northern Ontario.

Watch the tail of the wolf that is pressured by the Alpha (black)…he’s the Omega in the pack. Although much larger than the Alpha wolf, he unfortunately is very likely to be killed by the rest of the pack when they get fed up with him.

Motion Stabilized in After Effects
Colored in Apple Color
Music by American Dollar
Camera Panasonic LX3

Haliburton Wolf Reservel

Paper Experiment

I tend to get a little obsessed about the projects I’m working on and begin to buy and position myself around any and all objects that loosely relate to it. I enjoy the idea of ‘living the project’ and feel good allowing the creative part of my work flow into the daily purchases and decisions.

My latest purchase of a crumpled paper trash can ties in with the copius amounts of crumpled newsprint i’ve been photographing for an audio driven stop motion experiment.

Link to Store

Another 2 weeks of exploring animation possibilities and i should be done…JUST in time for my trip to Cuba (hence the music in the vids).  Here’s a peek:

Space Invader

I was in Paris last week attending OFFF (International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture) and saw some of Space Invader’s art for the first time in person.  Since street art lives most of it’s life online these days it was really nice to see it in real life.

Wooster Collective is an online group that showcases street art from around the world.  They were at OFFF with a great presentation full of pieces I’d never seen–appropriately including Paris native Space Invader.

[image courtesy of wooster collective]

I knew Space Invader’s art was in a bunch of cities (apparently including the Forbidden City in China), but what i didn’t realize is that where he places them makes one large space invader from above.  Wooster just posted about San Diego’s space invader and a “Viva la Revolucion” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego.  Be sure to check out Wooster Collective’s site and if you’re nearby SD the exhibition as well.


Inspiring Paper-Craft


I was at OFFF (animation & design conference) in Paris this past week and was fortunate to meet briefly with Julien Vallée, an extremely talented motion & design artist.  Julien was at the conference presenting his video for the ‘sponsors’ opening title sequence…which he hadn’t shown the festival directors any of the video until it was premiered to the audience.  I’m as much a fan of his video as I am the cute track it is coupled with.  Please check out Like Elliott Did if you like what you hear (entire album is on their site).

I really love how clean, sharp and colourful his work is.   Tangible art-form is such a pleasing change of scenery when the regular media is predominantly digital.  I’m sure a 3D artist could replicate most of Julien’s work in a fraction of the time but absolutely fail at replicating the charm and authenticity his creations embody.

Julien shares a studio with another great designer Karim Zariffa — both creating from Montreal.

Looking forward to more from Julien and Karim.

BRAND VIDEO: One Laptop Per Child

ROLE: Animator + Editor
DESC.: “Mission Statement” video for One Laptop Per Child site.
Visual Approach: Brian Kroeker + Josh Ingleby
OLPC Design: Pentagram