Josh Ingleby

editor + motion design


ROLE: Motion Designer + 3D Artist
DESC.: 3 x 15s Spots (E+F)
AGENCY: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CLIENT: VitaminWater


Despite being created over a 2.5 week timeline, the major challenge beyond scheduling was ensuring the colours of the VitaminWater liquid and labels were on par with brand standards while keeping render times down to less than 1 minute per frame.  It’s easy to promise the world with a stunning still frame, but ensuring you can deliver the HD version (450 frames  = 450 mins) without the support of an animation studio’s render farm can be challenging. Cloud Computing Rendering made this spot possible. (more…)

Business Card: Making Of

With only one week away from SXSW I suddenly felt obliged to create a business card for myself.  After what has been 2 years without a card (as of this summer), it’s not surprising that setting a short turn-around deadline was the only thing that would get the ball rolling.

I’ve have been walking through a lot of alleys lately looking for a way to base a small project around them.   I’m captivated by these spaces in the same way that walking onto a movie lot full of fake house fronts is fascinating.  Their significance grew as I realized that Manhattan barely had any alleys, creating even more appeal for Toronto’s unique urban landscape.

Thanks to Craig Small at The Juggernaut for eagerly dusting off the laser cutter and experimenting with a variety of materials to cut out the letters for the titles.  As well, Michael Sheedy for his real-life kearning skills, and of course my amazing girlfriend for putting up with the 2 cans of spray paint released into our apartment.

The video below outlines a breakdown of the process:

A series of textures shot in the alley behind my place for the titles:

Creative Commons License
Graffiti Texture by Josh Ingleby is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.
Based on a work at

California Is A Place

[ BLOG POST / NOT MY WORK ] is a collection of stories about real people in California. Each one is a slice of life, a video portrait of a reality that, for the most part, relates in no way to my own and is consequently quite intriguing.

Despite the sombre undertone apparent in the handful that i’ve watched, what shines through are truthful, raw, heartfelt stories told with a strong cinematic style.

Cannonball Excerpt:
“If we’re going to be doing this kind of stuff, we’re trespassing in peoples yards and skating in peoples pools we’ve gotta have respect; clean the pools out. Any trash we bring, take it with us when we leave. People already look down at us as it is so there’s no reason to fucking confirm what they already think is already true. It’d be better to prove them wrong. (2m05s)

Foursquare Fourcam

ROLE: Concept + Director + Editor
DESC.: Event Video

April 16th is the official anniversary for the mobile app Foursquare. More than 15 cities celebrated the mobile location based “check-in” app by throwing their own “Foursquare Day” events to celebrate local business.

This year’s 2nd annual Foursquare Day in Toronto was a great success with sponsors donating everything from autographed Tim Burton books (TIFF) to phone cases for every patron (iSkin). Even our (usually) pathetic mayor (Rob Ford) acknowledged the date with a signed letter from his office.

I documented this event with a home-made camera system that appropriately reflected the client and medium that Foursquare users embrace: the smartphone.

Rationale: 4 Squares, Mobile technology, 4 Camera phones. (enough said, no?)

Making Of:

Final Edit:

Thanks to:
Rob Scarborough, Jon-Erik Lappano, Karly Gaffney, and all the organizers & sponsors for the event.

Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think (instrumental)
Ratatat - Drugs

Buck Animation for Google Offers


Buck kills it once again with this faux stop-motion spot for Google Offers. Check out more of their work on here.


Also check out the spot they did for Google eBooks last year that is in the same visual style.


[ via motionographer ]

Paper Experiment

I tend to get a little obsessed about the projects I’m working on and begin to buy and position myself around any and all objects that loosely relate to it. I enjoy the idea of ‘living the project’ and feel good allowing the creative part of my work flow into the daily purchases and decisions.

My latest purchase of a crumpled paper trash can ties in with the copius amounts of crumpled newsprint i’ve been photographing for an audio driven stop motion experiment.

Link to Store

Another 2 weeks of exploring animation possibilities and i should be done…JUST in time for my trip to Cuba (hence the music in the vids).  Here’s a peek:



Having just returned from a great long weekend vacation in NYC with the lady, I can only wish that the museums we went to came to life like these murals.

The Strata project consist of a series of films, prints and installations investigating improbable relationships between contemporary digital aesthetics and icons of classical art and architecture.

Quayola’s has a captivating style as is apparent in his other work as well.  Check out his site and vimeo collection here.

Log On, Converge & SWARM!


It seems rather appropriate to dig up this visually intriguing animation as my last and next project are both tied into corporate responsibility.

Welcome, “The Coalition of the Willing” by Knife Party:

The story itself is a fast paced journey that simply details how the new-world’s open source & wiki media could be the catalyst capable of turning our environmental issues around.

I like It’s tongue & cheek story but wish it was routed in motivating change in big business and government.  It’s time for business and government to see the potential in sustainable yet profitable business models.  That said, its still a well written, visually beautiful piece.

I saw Knife Party speak at OFFF this past summer and was excited by this video’s collaborative execution.  On their site you’ll notice that each segment has been animated by a different group of people.    Knife Party produced and directed the piece and maintained synchronocity throughout the work by breaking the script into sections and handing it out to teams.

If you don’t’ have time for the full piece, moments that stood out for me include:

2m45s: “Back to the 60′s” Striking illustrations by World Leaders
4m58s: “Over the Counter Culture” by Knife Party
7m48s: “Open Source Faces” by Betterment Bureau

LastShotApps Digital Slate for iPad


I’ll be honest and say when the iPad came out I scoffed at the name and thought “thats just a large iPhone…i can do all that already!”   I’ve gotta say it though, I may have just misunderstood how practical it could be.  Technology is only as powerful as it’s realized potential and for me, this app fits nicely into an industry i never thought the iPad would exist!

Complete with a Macbeth Colour Chart (and downloadable JPG/PSDs to provide the colourist), this timecode slate makes run-and-gun shooting a little more convenient, a lot more affordable and makes editors smile :)

I work predominantly with digital media assets and the wealth of new formats has thrown away so many protocols on set which once were mandatory for production.  Cameras are cheap, digital stock is endless, and consideration for editors time rarely exists.   Anyone remotely serious about shooting has a DSLR that can shoot full HD video and more often than not the effort to slate, organize and provide notes to the editor is overlooked.

LastShotApps timecode slate for iPad & iPhone is a nice add-on for the mobile arsenal.  Of course it’s not a sync slate, but i don’t doubt the possibility of a the possibility of this with a hardware add-on.  Pick it up on the iTunes store here.

[Thanks to for posting about this]

Scrapbook Illustrations


My trusty RSS scooped up a delightful visual piece that got my morning started on a good note.  The short description before the video appropriately set the tone that the images are from a collection of their digital scrapbooks over the last 3 years.  Their process blog not only hosts ambient visuals like this one, but also a large collection of projects they’ve completed.

Not surprisingly Field has collaborated with a selection of companies i’ve already admired–including Univeral Everything.   Digging through Field’s work I was pleased to stumble across work they had done that i’d seen a while ago.  Universal Everything’s AOL rebrand is the definition of abstract / minimal / digital art.  I love love love it.  Here are 2 stills from their Video pieces.  Definitely check them out if the stills grab your attention.