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Delauney Music Video


The striking visuals above are the work of Barney Steels (director) and Memo Atken (software dev.) at The Found Collective.

The experience of witnessing sound and light responding to each other is hardwired into our genetic make-up to captivate and entrance audiences.  Whether it was early humankind staring into the skies to witness lightning dance with thunder, a toddler hypnotized by a blinking toy, or ourselves enslaved by our digital devices, the simple act of light and sound never ceases to amaze at all ages.  Having had 4 years experience as a lighting technician, I’m always intrigued by live concert lighting for these same reasons mentioned above.  Take into account the concert lighting visuals in the video above and i find it difficult to tear myself away from the video. (…for at least the first two minutes.)

Although I definitely feel that they did an exceptional job, the video (like most music videos) slightly struggles to maintain interest as it only showcases performance footage.  Which makes sense, since “the visuals were created to add life to footage that was originally rejected from the band’s label.” That said, had they been given the opportunity to shoot with this intent I suspect the results would have been a much more engaging piece had a simple story been added.  Either way, extremely well done!

Personally I’d love to see this execution as an ambient visual in a live concert where an audiences could glance over at it briefly before returning their attention to the live show.

Delauney Trinagulation ProcessingDelauney Trinagulation Processing

Created using: C++ / openframeworks / opencv
More images available at The Found Collective.
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Another captivating Delauney exploration can be seen here, by Quoyola.

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