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LastShotApps Digital Slate for iPad


I’ll be honest and say when the iPad came out I scoffed at the name and thought “thats just a large iPhone…i can do all that already!”   I’ve gotta say it though, I may have just misunderstood how practical it could be.  Technology is only as powerful as it’s realized potential and for me, this app fits nicely into an industry i never thought the iPad would exist!

Complete with a Macbeth Colour Chart (and downloadable JPG/PSDs to provide the colourist), this timecode slate makes run-and-gun shooting a little more convenient, a lot more affordable and makes editors smile :)

I work predominantly with digital media assets and the wealth of new formats has thrown away so many protocols on set which once were mandatory for production.  Cameras are cheap, digital stock is endless, and consideration for editors time rarely exists.   Anyone remotely serious about shooting has a DSLR that can shoot full HD video and more often than not the effort to slate, organize and provide notes to the editor is overlooked.

LastShotApps timecode slate for iPad & iPhone is a nice add-on for the mobile arsenal.  Of course it’s not a sync slate, but i don’t doubt the possibility of a the possibility of this with a hardware add-on.  Pick it up on the iTunes store here.

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