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Log On, Converge & SWARM!


It seems rather appropriate to dig up this visually intriguing animation as my last and next project are both tied into corporate responsibility.

Welcome, “The Coalition of the Willing” by Knife Party:

The story itself is a fast paced journey that simply details how the new-world’s open source & wiki media could be the catalyst capable of turning our environmental issues around.

I like It’s tongue & cheek story but wish it was routed in motivating change in big business and government.  It’s time for business and government to see the potential in sustainable yet profitable business models.  That said, its still a well written, visually beautiful piece.

I saw Knife Party speak at OFFF this past summer and was excited by this video’s collaborative execution.  On their site you’ll notice that each segment has been animated by a different group of people.    Knife Party produced and directed the piece and maintained synchronocity throughout the work by breaking the script into sections and handing it out to teams.

If you don’t’ have time for the full piece, moments that stood out for me include:

2m45s: “Back to the 60′s” Striking illustrations by World Leaders
4m58s: “Over the Counter Culture” by Knife Party
7m48s: “Open Source Faces” by Betterment Bureau

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