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editor + motion design

Scrapbook Illustrations


My trusty RSS scooped up a delightful visual piece that got my morning started on a good note.  The short description before the video appropriately set the tone that the images are from a collection of their digital scrapbooks over the last 3 years.  Their process blog not only hosts ambient visuals like this one, but also a large collection of projects they’ve completed.

Not surprisingly Field has collaborated with a selection of companies i’ve already admired–including Univeral Everything.   Digging through Field’s work I was pleased to stumble across work they had done that i’d seen a while ago.  Universal Everything’s AOL rebrand is the definition of abstract / minimal / digital art.  I love love love it.  Here are 2 stills from their Video pieces.  Definitely check them out if the stills grab your attention.

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